“No one is perfect – That’s why pencils have erasers”

Who are we? We’re not perfect but, we’re not futile too. And I don’t understand why do we get certainly impact by our imperfections? Do you think you are the only creature living on this earth? We should own our flaws and learn from them. The day you start overcoming your repetitive errors is the day, where you will be able to define yourself. How many of us imagined that if we were good looking, we would be happier? Does it make any sense? It’s your capabilities that assist growth in your life. If you still think that your imaginations are correct then all the old aged people would have left with no jobs as they get wrinkles over their faces. Change and acceptance go hand in hand. As much as there is value in changing for the better, there is also value in accepting ourselves as we are.

Why is it’s so hard to be healthy?

Why do we make poor decisions that we know are bad for our health? Why is our behaviour often irrational? It’s not that we knew better it’s that we don’t do better. He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything. We often smug on ourselves for our education status but why doesn’t our brain is not actively interested in being healthy? It’s because of the priority levels and the prominence we give for our choices. Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. Save yourself.

Family ❤️

The love of a mother, the care of father,
The joy of grandparents, the smile of a child.
It’s beginning of life, bonded by power of love,
Sustain as all for one and one for all.
A forever united close-knit of intimacy
Linked the past and assisted in vivifying the future.
They are like branches of a tree
Though we grow in different directions
But our roots remain the same.
In the reign of life, we play many roles
But we commence and wind up with a family.

Christmas Time is here!💝

No matter the religion, it’s a festival celebrated by all
Love for gifts and gifts for love are two pivotal ingredients.
Christmas encapsulates the harmony which spread love and unity,
It waves a flame of charity in our hearts.
Alluring the beauteous Christmas Tree and Carols,
Enjoying the essence of flavorous Christmas Cakes,
And the jolly arrival of our dear Santa Claus,
As these are indispensable parts of the festival.
Though celebrated in differing ways in different nations,
But the gusto and enthusiasm remain the same.

Love for animals 💕

Animals are linked to paradise, who shows us what’s missing in lives.
They are the splendid beings and such amiable friends
Maybe it’s animalness that will make the world right again
They are the ones who shower unconditional love.
Our four feet perfect companions are worthy to be.
They understand us more than we do.
These pretty champs gifted us the extension of senses
Which we have lost or never attained.

Grand Ma’s adorable story!❤️

A beautiful afternoon it was, with the sun shining through the windows and onto the clean floor, the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and the hills close by. There was a pleasant and amusing village named Shevaun. And it was the place where my lovable grandma lived. My mother was preparing juice of fresh oranges remembering our grandma and her adorable story.

I often ask my mother to recite those beautiful grand ma’s stories every day. In fact, those stories actually acted as pillars to my success. But this time it was Grand Ma’s story and the story went like this:

“Until I was seven years old, I use to stick to my mother for every work and she uses to guide me at all slogs. My age children were going to school, but I was forced by my father to work at home and help the family. I am a girl, who is very interested in exploring new things. But I couldn’t find a way for this.

When I came to Sixteen, I got married to your grandfather. Your Grand Pa was a profound and very captivating human. He grabbed my feelings and interests. He made me explore all those things which I wish I could do in my childhood. Your Grand Pa says, we can’t reorganize our past but we can mold a beautiful future ahead.

At this time, your mom was about four years old. And fortunately, it was the time where the economy was getting sophisticated enough. We always wished that we shall give a better future to your mother. We educated her and always guided her in every situation.

Today the world has become more elegant in its technology. There are numerous opportunities surrounding everyone. These days are not the ones where we search for a chance, these are the days where we can choose our roles.

And many indolent humans still wait for some miracles to happen instead of working on it. Goals should be aimed in such a way that it gives us a continuous alert in implementing it. We must have a will to win, desire to succeed, the intensity in focus. If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things”.

Let’s believe we can,so we do!❤️

If you educate a child
You are educating a generation.
Because it is much easier to intensify children
Than to reorganize the broken adults.
They are not the dregs to be debossed
They are the gems to be embossed.
To set foot on the peak of a mountain over there,
Let them get out of their chairs here.
Every single child has the right to educate
And none of us have the right to offend.
Giving justice to every role we play here,
It’s not, that much cushy dear.

Our motherly planet 💚💙

She has 7 continents, 195 countries there to look after,
Is it? Oh no! It’s the count of her harming rival.
Divergent people, dissimilar cultures, distant beliefs,
But remember we all get sheltered under one roof.
The future is getting shaped under the human’s arena,
But sooner or later we are losing our Dharani maa!
Enough is enough,
Let’s live joyous lifelong with our motherly planet.

Diwali is Delight ✨

It’s time for our beloved ones to gather,
As the festival of lights is here.
Adorning our homes with diyas all over,
Spreading the sparkling fireworks brighter.
Offering the lord with heartful prayers,
Dispensing sweets and gifts which makes Diwali sweeter.
Let’s chance upon the laughter, joy and cheers
I trust! We alter from darkness to happiness
Let’s not pollute and harm our environment
As this “Diwali is Delight”.

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